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Additional Grades 

of High Grade Prepared 

Roofing, together with Building 

Papers of Every Description sold by 

Montgomery Ward & Co. 


Chicago Avenue Bridge CHICAGO 


This Great Buyer's Guide is Free to You 

Quotes Lowest Prices on More than 125,000 Articles 

You cannot allord to buy ^^fi^^Z^ K 

We want you to know alt about this great retail rnerehaiidisirig establish- 
ment, a business which has become one of the largest hi the world because 
for thirty-eight years we have been filling orders from customers with goods 
of highest Quality at a big saving in price. Please accent this special cat- 
alogue as an invitation to you to get acquainted with us and the best 
possible introduction wo could have to you would be through the medium 
of tho big Mo. 79 Catalogue and Buyer's Guide, which is now ready for 
delivery and which we shall be glad to send you free on request. 

Our Catalogue is a wonderiui book. &?,JB£ it t 

beautifully printed; the illustrations give you an accurate idea of the aiti- 
cles catalogued and within its pages is shown almost everything you need 
to eat, to wear or to use. From almost every nook and comer of the earth 
we hate brought the product of Held and factory and mine and in the 
pages of this new catalogue illustrate and describe each article so that 
you may order from us and know just exactly what you will receive and do 
it just as satisfactorily as if you were to visit our store yourself. 

ThlC «M'l>'li lunik brings this city store with its millions of dollars" 
11113 JJ1 Ctll llliun vvorth of merchandise right Into your home. It 
shows you how to get anything you need Just as easily as if you were to 
visit our store In Chicago and select the goods from our shelves. Our cata- 
logue descriptions, our guarantees, our liberal terms are all backed by a 
reputation for fair dealing and liberal treatment acquired in thirty-eight 
years of successful business building and if you have never sent us an 
order, believe us when we say that you are overlooking opportunities for 
money saving wjiich you cannot afford to overlook. 

have long been 
of the retail world and as this business grows In volume and our contracts 
with factories and producers grow larger and larger we have steadily Im- 
proved our qualities, and we have given our customers the advantage of any 
saving we have made in manufacturing or producing cost, in the form of 
LOWER PRICES. Since this big catalogue costs you nothing, you ought 
to have it and see for yourself how easy it would be for you to reduce 
your living expenses by sending us orders for at least a part of the things 
you need from time to time. Just write us a postal card or a letter and 
say. "Please send me your Catalogue No. 7 9," and we will send it post- 
paid" by return mail. 

Ward Prices and Ward Qualities 




Montgomery Ward & Co,, Chicago Avenue Bridge, CHICAGO 


Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 

Prepared Roofing and Building Papers 

Prepared Pelt Roofing has now come into almost universal use as a substitute for 
shingles and this material gives splendid satisfaction and a perfect roof at a very big 
saving in cost. As a matter of fact you can cover any building with Prepared Felt 
Roofing selected from this catalogue for at least half the cost of a shingle roof and in 
many cases about one-third the cost of shingles and at the same time secure a roof which 
will prove just as satisfactory and last just as long as the best grade of shingles. 

We show a big variety of prepared roofings and building papers in the pages of this 
catalogue, and you will find we handle every quality needed for any purpose and at prices 
about half those charged by retailers for similar grades. Our volume of business has 
been growing larger and larger each year, until now our contracts with manufacturers 
call for the largest quantities sold by any single merchandising house in the country. 
Our roofings are made for us by the best manufacturers in the business. ^ In fact the 
roofings sold by us are widely advertised by the manufacturers under their own trade 
names and sold by dealers everywhere at just about double our prices. We- use the same 
roofing exactly, but sell it under our own brands, and for this reason and the further fact 
that we buy enormous quantities and therefore get a low manufacturing cost we are able 
to name the low prices quoted in this catalogue. 

We cut out every middleman between the factory and you, we sell on 
a very narrow margin of profit and you get the benefit in the form of 
prices about half those asked iy retailers. 

2 Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 

Our Prepared Roofings Are Very Easily 
Applied, no Special Tools Being Necessary 

Koofing is put up in rolls of 108 sq. ft., and sufficient cement and large headed gal- 
vanized nails are packed in the core of each roll to lay the material. As a matter of fact 
the only tools necessary are a hammer and a pair of shears or a knife. If you are erecting 
a new building, a barn, a corn crib, a carriage house, a dairy, in short any kind of a farm 
building, we strongly advise the use of prepared roofing. 

If you have an old building that requires a new roof you 
will find it cheaper and easier to recover the building with 
prepared roofing than to reshingle. in fact, the roofing may be 
laid right over the shingles, doing away with the necessity of 
removing the old covering. If you are erecting a temporary 
bnilding you cannot afford to consider anything but prepared 
roofing as the roof cover. All our roofings are standard and 
the descriptions quoted herein are guaranteed absolutely accur- 
ate. When we say we send you 2-ply you may depend upon 
receiving 2-Db' roofing. We have buiit up this great business 
by giving our customers dependable merchandise at a big sav- 
ing in price and we intend to continue our business career by 
following the fair dealing methods which have characterised 
this house from Urn beginning. 

We also show a complete«line of metal roofing, siding and 
ceiling, everything you will need for roof trimming— in short, 
we are able to supply you every material required in the way 
of prepared roofings, building papers, sheet metal roofings, 
ceilings, and galvanized roof trimmings. We handle only the 
bast grades of materials and the prices we quote in this book- 
let speak for themselves. You cannot secure equal qualities 
e^ewhere for anywhere near our prices. We guarantee our 
merchandise to give complete satisfaction, to be strictly A 
grade, and that any purchase made from vs will result in a 
very big saving over the prices you will pay the average retail 
dealer for equal qualities. 

We carry large stocks of all merchandise shown in this catalogue and are prepared to 
fill your order promptly. In ordering give us catalogue numbers and name of each article 
required, enclosing our price in full with your order and we will give your order our 
prompt attention and in just a few days' time the goods will be ready for you at your 
nearest railway station. 

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago Avenue Bridge, CHICAGO 


Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 

Smooth Rubber Surface 




Atlas Brand Prepared Roofing 

"Atlas" Prepared Roofing is made from selected, long fibre wool felt, thorough- 
ly saturated with, non-volatile compounds, and coated on both sides with a patent 
composition, making it closely resemble "rubber," and it is commonly called rub- 
ber roofing- Contains no tar or other volatile matter, therefore does not dry out 
or CTack, It will not stick in the roll, contains nothing to ooze out, even in the 
hottest weather, and will not crack in the coldest. It is adapted for any climate, 
absolutely weather-proof; contains nothing in its composition to evaporate, is al- 
ways pliable and never becomes hard or brittle. It is suitable for either fiat or 
steep roofs, requires no special tools, and can be easily laid by an ordinary work- 
man. It is water-proof, acid-proof and air-tight. Requires no extra coating, except 
at laps. Each roll is packed complete, with large head galvanized rooting nails and 
the necessary liquid cement for cementing the laps. Width of roofing, 32 in. Made 
in three different weights, all the same high quality exactly, the difference being 
only in the thickness and weight. 

Standard "Atlas" Roofing 

C 1)0200 — Standard "Atlas" Prepared Hoofing. Hull containing one square, or 10S 
square feet, complete, with laigo head galvanized nails and liquid cement for tho 

laps. Weight, H4 lbs. Per roll jjjl (^5 

C 00201 — Standard "Alias" Hooting. Same as above, hut with long galvairized 

nails for laying over old shingles. Per roll jii j 05 

C 00202 — Standard "Atlas" Prepared Itoofing. Roll containing two squares." or 
210 squaro feet, cumplete, with large head galvanized nails and liquid cement for 

laps. Weight, CS lbs. Per roll &2.05 

C 00203 — Standard "Atlas" Ruofiiig. Roll containing two squares, with long 

galvanized nails for over old shingles. Per roll JB2.05 

Heavy "Atlas" Roofing 
Tho same high quality and construction exactly as our regular "Atlas" roofing 
described above, but thicker and heavier. As the wear 011 any roofing is from the 
surface inward, tho thicker fabiic and heavier saturation naturally offer greater re- 
sistance and increase the length of service. You will find this roofing to he much 
thicker and heavier than other roofings ordinarily found on the market. 
C 00204 — Heavy "Atlas" Prepared Rooting. Roll containing one square, or 10S 
squaro feet, complete, with large head galvanized nails and liquid cement for the laps. 

Weight, 44 lbs. Per roll. , SI .30 

C 00205 — Heavy "Atlas" Roofing. Same as above, but with long galvanized nails 

for over old shingles. Per roll , 81.30 

C 90206 — Heavy "Atlas" Prepared Roofing. Roll containing two squares, or 210 squaro feet, complete, with large head 

eah-aniKed nails and liquid cement for the laps. Weight, 8 8 pounds. Per roll 82.55 

C0O20* — Heavy "Atlas" Roofing. Roll containing two squares, same as above, but with- long galvanized nails for over old 

shingles. Per roll S2.55 

Extra Heavy "Atlas" Roofina 

This is the heaviest and thickest roofing of this kind made: and it can not be excelled. 
C 0O20S — Extra Heavy "Atlas" Prepared Roofing. Roll containing one square, or 108 squaro feet, complete, with largo head 

galvanized nails and liquid cement for tho laps. Weight, 54 pounds. Per roll 81.00 

OOIOO— Extra Heavy "Atlas" Roofing. Same as above, but with long galvanized nails for over old shingles. Per roll 1.60 

We will send you free samples if you ask for them. 

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 

Lakeside Brand = 

Hard Flint Surface 

We offer our "Lakeside" Roofing as a superior fabna 
suitable for all classes of roofs, made of the best materials 
and Bold under our guarantee. It is acid-proof, water-proof 
and weatherproof; not affected by changes of temperature 
and adapted for all climates. It is easily and quickly ap- 
plied, requiring no previous experience or any special tools. 
Any one can lay a good roof by following the simple direc- 
tions. It is surfaced on both sides with sand grit, requiring 
no expense for coating or paint, and the prit surface adds 
greatly to the life of the fabric, and also increases its fire- 
resisting qualities against danger from falling sparks, etc., 
does not stick, run or crack, has been thoroughly tried and 
is guaranteed to make a first-class roof. Does not impart 
any taste to the water, which is important to all who 
use rain water for domestic purposes. 

Put up in rolls of 108 square feet, which is sufficient 
to cover 100 square feet. We also pack with each roll a 
sufficient supply of galvanized roofing nails and liquid cement 
which is used for cementing the laps. Width of roofing, 
32 inches. 

Made in three different weights, all the same high qual- 
ity exactly, the difference being only in the thickness and 

Standard "Lakeside" Rooting 

C 90220 — Standard "Lakeside" Prepared Roofing. Roll con- 
taining one square, or 108 square feet, complete with largo 
head galvanized nails and liquid cement for the laps. Weight, 

55 lbs. Per roll 81. IO 

C 00221 — Standard "Lakeside" Roofing, Same as above, but 
with long galvanized nails, for over old shingles. Per 

roll SI. 10 

Ilenv;:' "Lakeside" Rooting 

The same high quality and construction exactly as our 
regular "Lakeside" tooling described above, but is heavier 
and thicker. Each roll is packed complete with large head 

nails and cement for tho laps. , 

90224 — Heavy "Lakesldo" Prepared Roofing. Roll containing one square, or 108 square feet, complete with large head gal; 

vauized nails and liquid cement for the laps. Weight, (5 5 lbs. Per roll jSI.ojj 

C 90225— Heavy "Lakeside" Rooting. Same as above, but with long galvanized nails for over old shingles. Per roll l.dO 

Extra Heavy "Lakeside" Roofing 

The thickest and heaviest roofing of this kind made. Makes an absolutely high grade roof that will give a great many 
years of satisfactory service, 
C 90228 — Extra Heavy "Lakeside" Prepared Roofing. Roll containing one square, or 108 square feet, complete with large 

head nails and cement for tho laps. Weight, 7 o lbs. Per roll SI .<jij 

C 90229 — Extra Heavy "Lakeside" Roofing. Same as above, but with long galvanized nails for over old shingles, Per roll. . 1.6i> 

Wo will send you free samples if you ask for them. 

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 

White Rock Brand 


White Crystal Surface 

This is undoubtedly one of the finest prepared 
roofings made and it is especially suitable for the 
roofs of fine buildings, many builders now using it 
on high priced dwellings. 

This high grade roofing is made from selected long fibre 
wool felt thoroughly saturated with an asphaltum compound 
and surfaced with white crystal rock or spar. It contains no 
tar or other volatile matter, is very flexible, will not dry out 
or crack and is well suited to any climate. Its surface is very 
attractive indeed and because of its strength and fine appear- 
ance it is suited to the best buildings. It not only makes a 
very sightly roof, but it ia exceptionally durable and will give 
long and satisfactory service. 

It Is also adapted" for use as SIDING, particularly for coun- 
try buildings as it is air-tight, weather-proof and attractive. 

White Rock Roofing comes in only one weight and grade 
and it is one of our best qualities. The price we ask is very 
low and we shall be -glad to send you a free sample for compar- 
ison You will find our price way below the usual retail 
price. It is made with a smooth edge 2% inches wide for 
lapping, ao that the overlap may be easily cemented. It is 32 
inches wide and each roll is packed complete with large head 
galvanized nails and liquid cement for the laps. It is easily 
laid by anyone and no special tools are necessary. 
C 90240— "White Rock" Roofing. Roll containing one flavtare, 
or 108 square feet, packed complete with large head galvan- 
ized nails, and liquid cement for the laps. Approximate weight. 
75' lbs. Per roll 82.0* 

We will send a free sample on request 

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 

Burlap Gravel 


Gravel Surface 

Our Burlap Gravel Prepared Roofing is a very tough, flexible 
fabric, manufactured of the best selected materials, with a bur- 
Zap fabric centre which greatly increases its tensile strength. 
is a strong, durable roofing, extra heavy and will give you good 



The picture shows you how this roofing is mnde in five separate layers 
—first, a long fibre wool felt thoroughly saturated with asphaltum; second, 
n layer of asphaltum; third, jute burlap saturated with asphaltum: fourth, 
a layer of asphaltum; fifth, a top dressing of fine washed gravel. All these 
layers are put together under hydraulic pressure winch gives a strictly 
high grade waterproof roofing that will last for years in any climate, ine 
gravel surface is pressed into the asphaltum under heavy rolls and will not 

Burlap Gravel Roofing is not only waterproof, but it iB not affected by 
hrat or cold, gas, steam or acids; it will not shrink or crack, contains no 
tar and does not taint the rain water. One side of the rooting is leit mth 
a smooth edge 2K inches wide for lapping, so that when the roof is Jail 
Beams are bo nearly invisible that at a short distance it has the appearance 

tt L?ke aff our ready roofing, Burlap Gravel is easily applied by anyone 
and no special tools are necessary. We pack in the coro of each roll & suffi- 
cient quantity of large headed galvanized nails and cement for laps to lay 
the material. Width of roofing, 32 inches. »__a-*_ 

This roofing 1b one that we strongly recommend and it ib guaranteed to 
be true to description as given above. It is made for ua by a manufacturer 
who has a world-wide reputation for the quality of his output, and ll you 
want a high grade, durable roof at a low price, send us your order for this 

00245— Burlap Gravel Roofing. Bol! containing one square or 108 
square feet, complete with large head nails and liquid cement for the 
laps. Weight, 85 lbs. Perroll 82.SO 

We will send a free sample on request. 

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 

M. W. & Co. Brand Pre P aml 522!il 

This is the best low priced roofing made and it is in every way equal to Qualities, 
sold by retailors at SI. 50 per roll and vastly superior to grades sold by many dealers 
at 7 5c to 85c per roll. In fact, this rooting is being imitated in appearance and 
price within the past year or two, but a sample of rooting which is offered as "just as 
good." when compared with ours, shows that the "just-as-good" kind is very inferior. 
Our M. W. & Co. brand rooting is made from extra selected long fibre wool felt thor- 
oughly saturated with an insoluble waterproofing composition making a flexible and solid 
fabric winch is absolutely waterproof. 

We sell enormous quantities of tins roofing and it makes a most economical roof. 
Anyone can lay it, can be laid in any climate, and is adapted to all kinds of roofs. 
It is not affected by steam, gas or acids, resists fire better than a tin roof, and when 
properly coated with our Ready Roof Coating, described on page 8, it will last as 
long as the average building. It does not taint the rain water. A jack knife, 
hammer and roofing brush are the only tools necessary to lay it and in first cost it 
is the cheapest roofing made and requires little or no expense to maintain. Of 
course, it is not so high grade and does not look as well as our high grade Atlas 
and Lakeside brands, described on pages 3 and 4 of this catalogue, and if you can 
afford the slightly higher price we ask for these brands we would advise you to buy 
tho Atlas or the Lakeside, but for ordinary purposes and especially for temporary 
buildings which you want to erect as cheaply as possible, our M. W. & Co. brand 
will give entire satisfaction. It can be used over old shingles. Sweep the shingles 
clean and naii down any that are loose or warped. 

This rooting is put up in rolls of 10S square feet. Width of roll. 3 2 inches. 
Our price docs not include nails or roof coating, both of which should he ordered 
at the same time. To properly apply this roofing requires 1 % pounds tin caps, 
1 pound of nails, and 2 gallons of ready roof coating to eacli roll of roofing. See 
page 1 7 for nails and caps and page 8 for roof coating. 

C Si02G2— Two-ply M, W. & Co. Ready Roofing. Intended chiefly for use on tem- 
porary buildings, lumber camps, sheds, etc. Weight about 4 5 pounds per roll. 

Price for roofing only. Per roll 04c 

C !H>JJC>3— Three-ply M. W. & Co. Ready Roofing. A heavy roofing consisting of 
three separate plys or layers of pure wool felt, with a waterproof composition be- 
tween each layer of felt, and when properly applied and coated with our Ready 
Roof Coating, will give long and satisfactory service. Weight, about 70 pounds 

per roll. PricO for roofing only. Per roll SOc 

40-Pound Two-Ply Banner Roofing 

A COMPETITION GRADE OF ROOFING for those who do not care to pay the price 
of a heavier and more serviceable roofing. Good enough for hen houses, tool sheds, and 
temporary buildings, but not recommended where a serviceable roofing is needed. 
C *MV2,<\ii — Banner 40-lb. Roofing, approximate weight, 40 lbs. Each roll contains 
108 square feet or enough to cover 100 square feet. Per roil 4Sc 

Don't forget to order Caps, Nails, and Coating with this Rooting. 

anything, is the more durable color 

One gallon will cover approximately 2 00 

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 

Qnmpthinn Mpu/ You can stain any Pr£ P ared 
aUIUCllllHy lltW Rooling, Coloring it Just as 

^ ^^^ You would Shingles. 

Vot nil kinds of felt rooting, and particularly 
adapted for our "Atlas" and "Lakeside" roofings. 
These routings, as noted in our description, do not 
really require any coating, hut after a lapse of 3 years 
or more a coat of our Asphaltum Iloof Coating will 
give new life to the roof, and if repeated every 2 to 4 
years will always keep the surface In absolutely first 
class condition. 

It has the same good effect on felt roofing that 
paint has on wood or any exposed surface; for the 
more protection your roof has the longer It will last. 
Wo can furnish our Asphaltum Roof Coating in three 
colors: BLACK, RED, and GREEN. The black, if 
but the red and green pro luce very pretty effects for summer cottages and residences. 

quare feet one coat. Comes only in the followi ng size packages and colors, 

Size of 

1 Eal 

2 gal 

3 gal 

5 gal 

10 gal 

% bbl. 3 gal.. 
Bbl. 5 gal 

Approximate Weight 
per package 

8 lbs. 

17 lbs. 

2 2 lbs. 

4 lbs. 

7 5 lbs. 

3 lb3. 

5 00 lbs. 

C 00201— Blaok, 
per package 

I 0.47 

C 00202 — Red. 
per package 



10. 50 

c 00283— Green, 
per package 

i 1.00 


Roof Coatings 

In liquid form, ready to apply, and made especially for M. W. & Co. 
Ready Roofing. Made in black color only. The price on this varies ac- 
cording to the quantity desired, the cost of the cask being included In the 

It requires two gallons of coating for each square of roofing, which is 
sufficient for two coats. When applying the last coat, before it has be- 
come do*, we recommend sprinkling fine sand over the surface, as this 
will add to the durability of the roof and increase its fire resisting quali- 
ties. Not suitable for metal rooting. 


C 00270.. 
C 90271.. 
C 90274.. 
C 0O275. . 
C 00270.. 
C 90277-. 

Size of 






2-gal. Can 

1 2 lb3. 


5 -gal. Can 

2 2 lbs. 


10 -gal. Can 

1 lbs. 


20 -gal. Keg 

2 5 lbs. 


3 -gal. Bbl. 

35 lbs. 


3 0-gal. Bbl, 

4 00 lbs. 


4 -gal. Bbl. 

4 5 lbs. 


5 -gal. Bbl. 

5 7 5 lbs. 


Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 








We handle the very best grades of sheathing and building papers 
and our arrangements with the largest manufacturers enable us to make 
very low prices. 

"LAKESIDE" SHEATHING-Our "Lakeside" Red Resin-sized Sheathing 
is made for us of the best of stock, is a tough, clean and durable paper, and we 
warrant it to be satisfactory. Made in three different weights, but all the same 
quality. Rolls contain 500 sq. ft., width 3 6 in. Per Roll 

C 90320— " Lakeside" Sheathing, weight per roll, 30 lbs.,; 54c 

C 0O321— "Lakeside" Sheathing, weight per roll, 35 lbs ttSo 

O 90322— "Lakeside" Sheathing, weight per roll, 40 lbs 70c 

"HERALD" FELT SHEATHING-Our "Herald" Brand Tarred Sheathing is 
made from wool felt thoroughly water-proofed with distilled tar. Clean to han- 
dle. Moisture and vermin proof, air tight, will not shrink or dry out. will 
withstand all weathers and temperatures. Its first cost is but a little more 
than the cheapest papers and it lasts so much longer that it is certain economy 
to use it. Made 3 2 inches wide, rolls contain 500 sq. ft. Approximate 
weight. 4 5 pounds. 
C 09323-Price per roll (500 square feet) 80o 

BLUE PLASTER BOARD "A" GRADE— Blue Plaster Board is a strong, 
durable paper used in place of plaster on walls and ceilings. It can be used 
over hoards or fastened direct to the studding and is the best material made 
for sheathing or insulating. Width of roll. 3 6 in, 

(' IMCiMi; IVr nit (if r square feet. Weight, 110 lbs 81.95 

C 90327— Per roll of 2 50 square feet. Weight, 3 lbs...' l.OO 

BLUE PLASTER BOARD "B" GRADE-Blue Plaster Board "B" grade U 
Yery similar in appearance to the "A" grade, but is not as firm and tough a 

C! 90328-Per roll of 500 square feet. Weight, 55 lbs 01.10 

090329— Per roll of 250 square feet. Weight. 2 7 lbs 60 

"WOOL" DEADENING FELT— For use between floors of buildings and 
adds greatly to the warmth and comfort of a home. Our "Wool" felt is thick 
and heavy, and the best material of the kind in the market Put up In rolls 
3(5 inches wide. Approximate weight per roll, -50 lbs. 

C 90330— Per roll Bl 35 

90335— ASBESTOS SHEATHING. Put up In rolls containing 5 oV square 
feet. 3(5 inches wide. Weighs 10 lbs. to 100 sq. ft Weight of rolls, about 

"i lbs. Per roll a-j yg 

C 90338— TARRED ROOFING FELT. Used extensively for" roofing" lumber 
camps and temporary buildings. Put up in rolls of about 50 lbs., 32 in. 
wide and runs about 1 6 lbs. to 1 square feet. Per roll 83c 

Samples sent free to any address on request 


Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 

Sheet Metal Roofing 

etid on both sides with a good coat of the best red mineral pah but shoul J nto e an 

peril' taken caro of and painted every three or four years tins poofing ^ last fo an In 

definite period, and cause litUe or no annoyance for repairs Sheet b U el hoai ng Is 

We show the most practical styles of Sheet Steel Roofing, and ali this material Is clean, smooth and well manufactured stock, 
free Our 01W pr[c e l 3 Bl ar e P .o S r $&£?££ %to .& t^thictae* In common use. We can, however, furnish header weight and shall 
be pleased to name lowest quotations on application. 

Our painted rooting and siding is cove 
additional coat after being laid. If properly 

uKor^e^ahedl.Ta^ £S2SR 

o?er other material. It is cheap, light and durable; and will last for an indefinite 
period i kept well painted. Shipments made direct from mills In Ohio, or from ou. 

ChL NOTE"we°tio eS not handle the light weight No. 20 gauge roofing (which Is some- 
times sold for regular No. 2 8 gauge) for we consider No. 29 gauge too light weight 
and thin a material to give satisfactory service. 

Corrugated Metal Roofing 

Made of wild Sheet Steel, No. 2S gauge, in two different size corrugations, 2% in. 
and 1V4 in. measuring from center to center. 

The sheets are 2<i inches wide, (I'overing width 2 4 inches.) 

A vei" popular roofing, easily applied and with proper care will give long and 

^"ihe^nahiuTr'o'ortng is red and covered with a good coat of mineral paint (on both 
sides) ut should receive an additional coat after being laid and painting will _ot 
couree a so prolong the life of galvanized moling, but it is not absolu t«ly_ nee ss a. *. 
Painted roofing weighs about 68 lbs. and galvanized about 8 5 lbs. pel square, or 100 
square feet 


Illustration showing proper method 

of nailing at side lap when applying 

corrugated roofing. 

Painted Corrugated Roofing 
I.eiiElh sheets... fl ft. Oft. 7 ft. 8 ft. Oft. 

■>1! in C'orru g ..C90400 C90401 C90402 C90403 C90404 

Per sheet 23c 28c 32c 37c 42c 

C <MI-I07— Per squaie (100 sq. ft.). Painted. 2»,i m. corrugated. ... ■-,.-■ 
lUin Corrug .fci)04IO C90411 C90412 C90413 Cll(>414 C0U415 

Per sheet 24c 29c 33c 38c 43c 48c 

C Q0417— Per sqnaie (100 sq. ft.). Painted, 1% in. corrugated. ■ ..»w.lo 

10 ft. 




Galvanized Corrugated Roofing 

S8C 3£i:;no&&» cgS&i cofe c»^23 co|&4 <$&& 

Per sheet 41c 49c 57c 6(>e <4c sr%- 

C 90427— Per square (100 sq. it.). Galvanized, 2% n ^^jed. .Vi.<>o 
l4iV Corrug..C0043O C»0431 0110432 C9C1433 09O434 C9043S 

Per sheet 42c 50c 59c 6Sc 76c =?«*©.,,, 

C 90437— Per square (100 sq. ft.). Galvanized. 1% In. corrugated. . .Js3. ( u 

Above prices do not Include Nails, Paint or Lead Washers. See page 17 for quotations on these items 

Notice : 

Ordinarily these prices are effective dur- 
ing the life of this catalogue, but in the event 
of extraordinary fluctuations we reserve 
the right to revise our prices. 

Will always bill to you at the very lowest 
market prices. Our roofings are guaran- 
teed FULL WEIGHT, and free from defects 
of any kind. 

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 



V"-Crimped Roofing 


This roofing is made of mild sheet-steel. No. 28 gauge. Can be laid over sheathing, old shingles or direct 
to the rafters, and is suitable for any roof having a pitch of two inches or more to the foot. It can be applied 
by any one who can 'drive a nail. No special tool is requited for the work. The sheets have a covering width 
of 2 4 in after lapping one crimp over the olher and should be nailed through the wooden V-strips which we 
list below.' The painted roofing is red, and should have an additional coat of mineral paint, after being laid. 
Painted rooling weighs GS lbs. and Galvanized roofing weighs 85 lbs. per square. 

C 00440 C 00-141 C 00443 C 00443 C 00444 C 00445 

Length of sheets 5ft. lift. 7ft. 8ft. 9ft. 1(1 ft. 

Per sheet 21c 25e 30c 34c 39c 23° 

C 00480— Per square, Painted ■ S^-Oo 

C0044G C 00447 C 0044S C 00440 C 0O45O C 00451 

Length of sheets 5ft. Oft. 7ft. 8ft. Oft. 10ft. 

1'er sheet 38c 40c 53c Glc 60c If! c „ 

C 00453— Per square (100 sq. ft). Galvanized S3. Go 

Prices do not Include Nails or Extra Paint. 

Wood "V"-Slrlps 
C 004S0— For V-Crimped Roofing it requires 50 feet of wood strips for a square of rooling. Per 100 lineal 
feet 20c 

Roll and Cap Roofing 

Made of mild sheet 
steel, adapted for either 
Hat or steep rnofs, and 
it Is especially desirable 
for laying on uneven 
surfaces, over shingles, 
etc. The standing seams 
are formed 1 inch high 
with our roofing tongs. 
The cleats aro then 
nailed to the roof boards, 
bent around outside the 
caps. and afterwards 
closed tight with the 
seaming tongs. Put up in rolls 2 6 Inches wide, containing 
1 S 1-3 square feet, which will cover one square. 

Prices include cleats and caps for applying. Made of 28- 
gauge steel. We do not sell less than a full roll containing 
one square. 

The sheets are 2fHi in. wide, joined at the ends, and put 
up In one continuous length (5 ft.) so that It can be cut 
to lengths as required 

Prices include tho metal cleats for fastening, and the metal 
caps for covering the standing ssams. 
C 004J>5— Painted Roll and Cap Roofing. Weight per square, 

74 lbs. Price, oer square, complete S62.40 

C 0040G— Galvanized Roll and Cap Roofing. Weight per squara 
9 lbs. Price, per" square, complete 84.30 

Prices do not include Nails or Extra Paint. 

Itooflng Tools 

To properly apply this', roofing you will need the following 
tools, price of which will' be refunded you upon the return of 
tiro tools to us in good condition return charges to be prepaid 
by you. Weight, about 1 lbs. 

C 0O4O8— Tool Set for Roll and Cap Roofing; 1 pair Squeez- 
ing Tongs, 1 pair Edging Tongs, 1 pair Tinners* Snips. Set 
complete . . , , SI. 55 


Ordinarily, prices on all metal roofings are elleclive during 
the life of tliis catalogue, but in the event of extraordinary 
fluctuations, we reserve the right to revise our prices. 

Will always bill to you at very lowest market rates. 

Shipments of Metal Roofing on this page made direct from mills in Ohio, or from our Chicago warehouses. 


Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 

Beaded Ceiling and Siding 

Made of annealed sheet steel. No. 28 gauge, with small beads running lengthwise 
of the sheets. 

The beads aro small corrugations, 3 in. from center to center and about % in. deep 
by % in. wide. Can be applied over sheathing, or direct to the framing, or on wood 
strips if used for celling. Sheets are 24 in. wide from center to center of the outside 

The painted siding la red. and should have an additional coat of good paint after 
being laid. Approximate weight per square, painted. TO lbs. Galvanized, 8 5 lbs. 

Painted Beaded Siding 
C 90580 C 90521 C 90522 

Length of sheets 5ft. Oft. 7ft. 

Per sheet 23c 27c 32c 

C 90527— Per square (100 SQ. ft.). Painted • 

Galvanized Beaded Siding 

C 90530 C 90531 C 90532 

Length of sheets 5 ft. C ft. 7ft. 

Per sheet 41c 49c »ic 

C 90537 — Per Square (100 sq. ft.), galvanized 

Prices do not include Nails or Extra Paint 

C 90533 

S ft. 

C 90534 
9 ft. 

C 90535 
10 ft 
.. 4.00 

Steel Presse d Bri ck Siding 

Made of the best grada 
of annealed sheet steel and 
Is an excellent Imitation of 
pressed brick. Easy to ap- 
ply, and rich and hand- 
some in appearance. A 
square consists of R 3/5 
sheets of 2SxC0 Inches or 
lis equivalent, or enough to 
cover a spaco of 100 
square feet. 

The single bricks measure 2 4/5xS% in., and if this 
siding is painted red. and the mortar lines striped in white 
It produces a very handsome effect, and is difficult to dis- 
tinguish from a real brick wall. 

Approximate weight, painted. 05 lbs., galvanized. 7S lbs. 
per square. The painted siding is red. but should have an 
additional coat after it has been out on the building. 
C 00550— Painted Pressed Brick Siding. Per square. . .S2.1 .> 
C 90551— Galvanized Pre=sed Brick Siding. Per square. 3.7t» 
Prices do not include Nails or Extra Paint 

r ' ■> 



1 ' 1 


< ii ; 






i i 'i i ii ii ! 

■ i i i i -I r ' ■ 

1 1 1 l| ':,[ ■! 1 

' 1 1 1 '( 1 1 ' 

1 1 1 t 1 1 1 1 

I ll .1 ll lilt 

Steel Rock-Faced Brick Siding 

Made of the same ma- 
terial as our brick siding, 
but the surface presents a 
rough appearance, in imi- 
tation of rock-faced brick, 
which is largely used in 
modern buildings. 

Size of sheets 2S in. by 
00 In., and each brick 
measures about 2 4/5x 
8^4 in., and if painted 
to resemble stone, has a 
very handsome effect. 

Approximate weight Painted. 05 lbs., and Galvanized, 78 
lbs. per square. A square consists of enough material to cover 
a space of 1 square feet. 

C 90500 — Painted Rock-faced Brick Siding. Per square. $2.35 
C 90561— Galvanized Hock-faced Brick Siding. Per 

square 3.9o 

Prices do not include Nails or Extra Paint. 

US^i gt^ PPgg HB R»5 ft«W >? Pfv.' i r 

1Wa# inn • Ordinarily, prices on all metal roolings are ellective during the life ol this catalogue, but in the event ol extraor- 
NIU11LC . dinary fluctuations, we reserve the right to revise our prices. Will always bill to you at very lowest market rates. | 

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 


Galvanized Roof Trimmings 

Galvanized Eave Trough 


C 90800— Mado of the best 
grade of Kalvanized iron in one 
piece. 1 ft. long, without a 
cross-seam. No. 2 8 gauge. Ends 


...o titled with patent slip 
joints, winch are quickly put together and require no solder- 
ing. Made only in 10-fl, lengths. We cannot furnish cut 
lengths. Sizes given are width of trough inside of bead. 
\\hen ordering always stato whether right or left hand trough 
is wanted, or send sketch showing position of outlets, etc. 

Unless otherwise ordered wo shall send half right and half 
left hand trough. 

SI™, j 3',Un. 4 in. 5 in. 6 in. 

height, per length 4 lb. 4V4 1u. 6 lb. G',4 1t>. 

Per length 27c 31c 3Gc 44c 

C 90805 — Made of No. 20 gauge galvanized steel, much more 
durable than the ordinary eave trough. Each length is branded 
Extra. Heavy." In 10-foot lengths with slip joints. 

S' 28 , ■■•■ 8 £ In. 4 in. Bin. Gin. 

Per length 42c 40c 52c OOc 

Galvanized Roof Gutter 

Hoof Gutter, made from 
No. 28 gauge galvanized 
steel, beaded and formed 
witlv patent slip joints. 
Can easily be out on lij 
an inexperienced work- 
man, as no soldering is required; therefore, the services of a. 
tinsmith aro not needed. 

llDci^ 1 fe« r-l )a 'i k 1 EI ' lcr ' Illustration shows the 
ffitfg flTS ieW^'o^y.^e^Tmt^rn^rt ££ ^ 
EWVtloV^eri^ ".. 3 .. 1 .-- "* Flat »«&?• 

Galvanized Slip Ends 

Galvanized Slip Ends for use with our 
galvanized roof gutter, 

C90S40— 14-ln. girt 
C 90842— 20 -in. girt 

Galvanized Spout Ends 

Galvanized Spout E'nds. for use with our gal- 
vanized roof gutter. 

C 90S40— 14-in. girt, with 2-in. outlet, ,10c 
C 90S48— 20-in. girt, with 3-in. outlet.. 18c 

Galvanized Ridge Roll 

Illustration shows method of applying 
the ridge roll on corrugated iron roof. It 

s ^ Is however, suitable 

for use on a shingle 
or almost any kind of 
a roof. Made in 10 -ft. 
lengths of best 
grade of galvan- 
ized iron. No. 28 
gauge, and mattes 
a very neat and inexpensive cap for 
the roof ridge. We do not furnish cut 
lengths and prices do not include the 
wood strip as shown In illustration. 
Size of Width of 

roll apron 

C 908G0— 1 % in. 2 In. 

C 90861—2 In. 2*,4 in. 

C0OSO2— 3 in. 3 '4 in. 

NOTICE: Ordinarily these prices are effective during the 
life of this catalogue, but in the event of extraordinary fluctua- 
tions we reserve the right to revise our prices. 

Wt per 



4 lbs. 

5 lbs. 
8 lbs. 




Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 

Round Corrugated Conductor Pipe 

C 00SS5 — Made of same 
grade of galvanized iron 
as the eave-troUEh. No. 
2 S gauge, and corru- 
gated to allow for expansion and contraction. Made in 1 Oft. 
lengths without a cross-seam. It will not hurst if full of ice. 
We suggest that you use 2 -in. conductor pipe, with 3', 2 and 

4 in. eave-trough. Uso 3-iu. pipe for 5 in. trough, and 4 or 

5 in. pipe for G-iu, trough. We do not furnish cut lengths. 

Size, inches 2 3 4 fi 

Weight, per length, lbs 4^2 C S 10 

Per length 2Sc 33c 44c 55c 

Extra Heavy Conductor Pipe 
C IIOSSI! — Made of No. 2<> gauge galvanized steel, corru- 
gated. Much more durable than the ordinary conductor pipe. 
In 10-foot lengths. Each length branded "Extra Heavy." 

Size, inches 2 3 4 5 

Per length 51c 5Gc 70c S3e 

Galvanized Round Elbows 

C 0OS9O — Corrugated 
Elbows, made of galvan- 
ized Iron, in three dif- 
ferent angles. Always 
stato Wild wanted. Un- 
less otherwise ordered 
we shall send No. 3. 

Size, inches 2 3 

Each Oc 7c 

C 90805 — Corrugated Shoes, for bottom end 
pipe. Made of galvanized iron. 

Size, Inches 2 3 

Each 7c Sc 

Eave-Trough Corners 

Slip Joints 
C 00000— Made com- 
plete ready for use. No. 
2 S gauge galvanised 
iron. Always state If 

bead is to be inside or 
outside. Illustration 

above shows corner with 
inside bead. 

Size, inches 


4 B 

Oc I60 


lie 22c 

Wire Eave-Trough Hangers 

C OOOIO— For attaching our eave-trough 
to the roof. Very simple and easily applied. 
Made of heavy galvanized wire, twisted and 

formed into a substantial hanger. 

You will find these hangers made of 

a heavier wire than those ordinarily 

found on the market. 

SV2 In. 

4 in. 

5 in. 

6 in. 









,12c 13c 14c 17c 

Conductor Hooks, Tinned 

C 00020 — For fastening conductor pipe to 
euIu of house. Malleable iron, tinned, 

2 in. Per doz 14c 

3 in. Per doz 22 

4 in. Per doz 3 

;"> in. Per doz 4 

Galvanized Wire Strainers 

C 0O035 — These strainers are made of gal- 
vanized iron wire, and are used fur keeping 
leaves and similar obstructions from slopping 
up the conductor pipe. They also prevent 
birds from building nests in the pipe, and 
when used, cisterns do not require cleaning 
as often. 

Size, inches 2 3 4 5 

Each 4c 5c Oc 8c 

Per dozen 32c 43c 50c S4c 

Rain-Water Cut-Olf 

Made of galvanized sheet iron, fitted with safety spring, so 
you can turn the How of water from one. pipe to another. 

C 0O042— Size 2 in 

C 00043— Size 3 In 

C 00044— Size 4 in 

C 00045— Size 5 in 


Montgomery Ward & Co, 

Rain-Water Filters 

Galvanized Iron 
llaln water fillers are intended to connect 
to liio conductor Dine and will prevent leaves, 
insects, and all other lilth from getting into 
the cistern. The water is strained through a 
linen sack, which is fastened to a metal frame 
which can easily he removed to clean, and re- 
Placed again throuch the opening in the tcp. 
The Alter can he easily kept in repair liy nut 
ting In a new sack when needed. When these 
tilters are used the water In your cistern will 
remain pure and free front foul odors. Made 
of heavy galvanized iron. 

C 90SIG2— Size 2 in. Each .' ..S2c 

G 90863— Size 3 in. Each S5c 

C 90OG4— Size 4 in. Each !)7c 

Fittings for E aye-Troug h 

(A) shows section of eave- 'issn^.^^- -—.-^- .- ,^1 n 

t fourth fitted wtih drop out- ' 
let and slip end cap. (15) 
shows tho slip end cap only. 
With these Httlims and our 
patent slip joint enve-troiiKh 
(See C flflSUII). anyone can easily put up trough and con- 
"ductor pipe. Mo soldering necessary. 

Galvanized End Caps 
C rtODSO — End Caps, made with slip joint to close up the 
end of trough. Can he used either right or left hand. See 
illustration (B). 

Size 3>,i 1". Each 5e Size 5 in. Each Go 

Size 4 in. Each 5c Size in. Each 7c 

Galvanized Drop Outlets 
C 00900 — Consists of a short section of eave-trough about 
6 in. long with a drop outlet soldered in it. as shown in 
illustration (A), but the end cap is not Included, but is sold 

Size. 3% In. With 2 in. drop outlet Oc 

Size, 4 in, with 2 in. drop outlet 10c 

Size. 5 in. with 3 in. drop outlet 11c >w 

Size, C in. with 4 in. drop outlet 12c VW (I 

Galvanized Funnels 
C 00995 — Made of galvanized sheet steel, and 
used to run two conductor pipes into one, Size3 
given are the diameters of the lower outlet. 

Size. 2 in. Each 20c 

Size 3 In. Each 22c 

Size, 4 In. Each 27c 

Chicago and Kansas City 15 

Sheet Tin 

We handle a flno line of American tin or terne plates and 
guarantee tliein to give satisfaction. The weights given are 
approximate only and sometimes vary slightly. <We cannot 
sell less than a full box of tin at box prices.) 

NOTICE. — Prices on tin plate subject to change without 
notice, but will always furnish at lowest market rates. 

Old Style Terne Plates 

Terne plates have a smooth lead colored surfaco and are 
used mostly fur roofing purposes. 

IC "Old Style" Plates. (Spangled.) 

„, . . 91O1O C01O12 

Size, inches 14x20 20x28 

No. sheets in a box \\2 112 

Weight per box no lb. 2 2 lb. 

g er '!<« SG.25 812.50 

Per sheet .07 ,^4 

IX "Old Style" Plates. (Spangled.) 

C9101G C91017 

Size. Inches 14x20 20x2S 

No. sheets in a box 112 112 

Weight per box 13 5 1b. 27 1b. 

£*r h° s S7.50 S14.75 

Per sheet OS .1G 

Terne or Roofing Plates 

Prices are subject to change without notice, but will al- 
ways furnish at lowest market rates. 

..29. n ° on "E Plates. Not quite as high a grade tin as our 
Old Style. but very popular. 

. u C9102O C91021 

Size, inches 14x-'it * > 0x°S 

No. sheets in a box 119 112 

Weight per box 1001b. 200 1b. 

E OT 'IT* 84,75 89 SO 

Per sheet ,5g .10 

IX Hoofing Plates. A hearier grade than above. 

„. . . C 91024 91O25 

Size inches ft, 14x20 20x28 

No. sheets in a box i \ o \\1 

Weight per box 1281b. 250 1b. 

£" b ° x 4 ,- 8G.50 811.50 

Per sheet .07 .12 

Samples of our tin plate furnished on application. 


Montgomery Ward & Co., 

Prepared Tin Roofing 

Made of the best (Worcester grade) I. C. tin 
plate, locked and soldered. Tut up in rolls contain- 
ing 120 lineal feet. 

The strips are perfectly straight and ready to lay 
on the roof. Considered by all practical tinsmiths 
to be the best and most convenient form of rooting 
tin ever placed on the market. Painted on under 
side. Width of strip. 2 in. ; weight, per cask. 1 5 
lbs. We cannot sell less than a full cask contain- 
ing 200 square feet. 
C01040 — I'er roll or cask 8G.40 

Painted Valley Tin 

Made of a good grade of tin plate in 
a continuous strip, lacked and soldered. 
Full lengths are 5 feet long, but we 
can furnish any quantity. 

Per roll of Per lineal 

S0.04'/ 2 

(Painted one side) <»•?£•-" 

C OlOoO— Width, 14 in *!.',- 

C !>l(>.-,2— Width, 20 in |-3B 

C !) 1054— Width, 2S in 3.40 

Galvanized Valley 
Made of galvanized sheet steel. 2S gauge, 14 in. wide. 
Strips are joined together and put up in rolls. 

C »10«0-I.eiiRth of roll. 2f. f • Per ro St.SH 

C O10G1— Length nf roll, 5 ft. Per roll J.-to 

Tin Shingles or Flashings 

Made of a good grade of roofing tin. and 
cut to exact sizes. Useful for repairing 
old roofs, and in making a tight joint 
around chimneys, etc. Per 100 

COl 070— Size 5s 7 in $0.75 

C 01O71— Size 7x10 in.... 14o 

Iron Chimney Cap 
COll 20— Adjustable Chimney Cap, 
made of cast iron, protects the bru-ks 
and lasts ns long as the chimney. It 
is fastened securely to the bricks 
with malleable corner clamps. -No 
mortar needed. Diameter of collar. 
7 in.; size of base, 12 in. x 16 in., and 
clnmps can be adjusted to fit 4x3, 
4x 12,8x8,8x12 in.flues. Weight 11 lbs. 





Chicago and Kansas City 

Metal Hip Shingles 

Ornamental Stamped Hip Shingles make a. 
neat and effective hip cap. and are far prefer- 
able to the plain wood strips which are gener- 
ally used; and are adjustable to varying widths 
of courses. Very ornamental, durable and easy 
to apply. It takes one hip shingle to eacli course 
of shingles or slate. Size of 
shingles. 4x0 in., made of best 
qualitv stock. 

CO10SO — Tin Hip Shinnies, 
painted, approximate weight per 
10 0. 20 lbs. 

Price each SO. OS 

s. Price per 100 1.1 

\ i ^W C <>1 081— Galvanized Hip Sliln- 

H 8B3 gles. approximate weight per 100. 

H3H 30 lbs. Price each SO. 03 

■H Trice per 100 1.50 

Root Ventilators 

Made from the best grade of heavy galvanized iron. Can- 
not bo excelled as a ventilator of schools, churches, and public 
buildings. Prevents duwn draught, and improves smoky or 
defective chimneys. 


C01O00— Size 4 in 8<Mi<> 

. C SHOOS— Size in 1.15 

™ C01004— Size 8 in 1.57 

C OlOfMi— Size 10 in 1.05 

COIOOS— Size 12 in 2.2S 

Revolving Chimney Top 

Protects the chimney from rain and snow, 
produces a strong, regular draft under al- 
most any conditions, and prevents down 
draft. The iron mountings are strong and 
substantial, and top is pivoted so as to 
revolve easily. Hood and vane are of heavy 
galvanized iron. 
COllOO— Diam. of base, C in. Weight, 

■AV-, lbs. Each • • • • •"■/S. 

C91107— Diam. of base. 7 in. Weight, 

4 % lbs. Each OOc 

C OllOS— Diam. of base. S in. Weight. 

5 lbs. Each •.■■"jilPH? 

COlllO— Diam. of base. 10 in. Weight. 
7 lbs. Each $1.20 

Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago and Kansas City 


Barbed Roofing Nails 

Barbed Wiro Nails, made especially for applying 
Sheet Metal Hooting and Siding. 
C 5)0580— Rooting Nails % In. For Siding. 

Per pound ■ ■ • • -4c 

C 00 581— Hooting Nails 1 In. For Boll and Cap 

Rooting. Per pound 4c 

C 00582— Booiliig Kails 1 % In. For Corrugated and 

V-Crimped Hooting. Per pound 4c 

Lead Washers 
r n(tt<lO — To go under the nail head, makes a tight job. and 
avoids the danger of leaks around the nail hole. Recommended 
fnr ii=b with corrugated looting. There are about 3 25 washers 
in one pound and it requires about 1/3 lb. for each square. 

per pouna i»ry Mineral Paint l0C 

r on^QS— Dry Red mineral paint for metal rooflnB. It re- 
run'" 1 lb. for a square of roofing. (To be mixed with lin- 
seed oil.) Per pound ■ -■ •• ^■■2c 

Galvanized Sheet Steel _J1 

Flat Galvanized sheets, war- 
ranted perfect. Size of sheets, 
2 8x9 liv. 

Catalogue No. 

No. of 
I gauge 


C 00701 20 

C 0O7O2 1 27 

C 0Q703 1 28 

No. of 
per bl. 


I n 

per bdl. 

151 lbs. 

15 2 lbs, 
157 lbs. 
14 lbs. 

Price per 

per bdl. 




(We cannot sell less than a full sheet) 

Black Sheet Steel 

Flat common black sheets, warranted perfect. Size of sheets. 
24x101 In. ■ 

Catalogue No. 

No. of 

C 007O8. 
C 00700. 
C 00710. 
C 0O711. 

No. of 
per bl. 

24 9 152 11)3. 

2G 12 151 lbs. 

27 13 150 lbs 

2 8 I 14 1 1 4 S lbs. 

per bdl. 

Price per I 1 


er bdl. 

NO. (Ill I 

.47 I 

.43 I 

(We cannot sell less than a full sheet.) 

Prices on sheet metals subject to market changes. 



Sheet Zinc 

C O0720 — This Is the ordinary stock zinc, about 20 gauge 
3 6 in. wide, length. 7 ft,, weighs 1 4 lbs. 

Per sheet 81.35 

C 00721— Per half sheet 70 

Sheet Copper 

C 0O73O— Soft Sheet Copper, soft rolled, not polished; tinned 
on one side. 

Size of sheet Wt. of sheet. Per sheet 

14 oz 14x48 in. 4 5/16 lbs SI. 18 

C 00731 — Cold Rolled Copper, suitable for evaporator pans. 

etc., 10 oz., tinned on one side. 

Size of sheet 30x00 in., weight of sheet 12% lbs. 

Per sheet 83.45 

NOTICE. — Ordinarily these prices on sheet metals are effec- 
tive durlnB the life of this catalogue, but in the event of 
extraordinary fluctuations we reserve the right to revise our 




C 90315— An clastic compound, in stick form, for mending 
leaks in all kinds of rooting, tin, iron, felt, slate, tile, or 
shingle: also for eavestroughs, iron or wood tanks, wash tubs, 
and many other places where leaks occur. It is always ready 
for use, will not dry out, is waterproof, and will stick to 
anything. Try it. We know you will be pleased with the result. 
Made Jn_ black color only. Per stick 20c 

Roofing Caps 

C 9O30O— Tin Hoofing Caps. Each square 

o? roofing requires 1 % lbs. caps. 

Per lb 5c 

Roofing Nails 

Barbed roofing nails for use with tin caps. 
It ivqulres about 1 lb. of 1 In. or 1 "j in, 
nails, about 1% lbs. of 1*4 In. nails lor each 
square of roofing. 


Per Pound 

Per k»« 

i l on II,...) 

C 0O3O4 
C 0O3O5 
C 00300 

1 in. 

1 <i In. 
1 % in. 


.03' b 


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